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Friday, January 20, 2006

McMaster: It's a Hard 'Nuff Life

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Title: It's a Hard 'Nuff Life

Lot: McMaster, Beau
30 Silver Vein Rd.

First Visit

Well, see this picture? This is how my family was supposed to be. See, there's Dad, Mom and me and then Grampa would come to visit and bring me presents a couple times of year. (Grampa Beau is Dad's dad.) It was pretty fun when grampa came to visit. He's the only old guy I know and he smells like cherry tobacco because he likes to smoke a pipe, sometimes. He'd come over and pretend like I was his girlfriend. He'd always say, "So, how's my favorite little girlfriend?" I'd just totally crack up. Then, he'd go, "What? Not tall enough, yet to come home with me?" He was pretty silly. Ok, so I might have left something out there. See, he's actually my step-Grampa, but Mom always says tht the only steps in our house, were the ones that led up to my bedroom, so I didn't call him step-. Anyway, it was always a big deal when Grampa Beau came to visit. My mom would clean like crazy and Dad would hide the checkbook and unplug the computer, so that Grampa wouldn't know how much simoleans we had in the bank. We had to play this trick on Gramps and say the computer was broken if he asked about it, but I don't really know why.

Last time Gramps came to visit he brought me to this club. It was dark and smokey and everyone was smoking and playing cards. Gramps played too and I felt really grown up, because he told the other sims I was his new girlfriend. And, I'd get to hold his scotch while he was playing. There were really pretty women, there, too. Some of them were just hanging around with their bf's, like me with Grampa, and a couple were playing cards. One of them took me to the bathroom when I had to go really bad and she put some of her cherry red lipstick on me. Then, I felt really grown up. But, I"m not supposed to tell anyone about our "date", Gramps said. It's our special secret.

After our date, Gramps took me to get some icecream. He said I'm his good luck charm and I guess I really was, because he pulled out a huge wad of simoleans when he was paying for our icecreams. Then, he told me to stay put and eat my icecream, because he'd forgotten something back at the club. Next thing I know, Gramps shows up with a tall, red-head on his arm. After that, things went really fast. I just remember that we rushed home, where Gramps dropped me off and then he took off with the red-head. Guess he had to drive her home or something. So, see, why I like it when Gramps comes? He's the only one who ever treats me like a grown-up around here. I wish he could hang out all the time, but he must be really busy with his work. He teaches classes on how to get a girlfriend or something like that. Guess some guys don't know how to get a date and that's who Gramps helps. It sounds important.

But, my life didn't exactly turn out like that picture. One day, Dad thought it would be really cool to go sky diving with his buddies. Dad was kind of an adrenaline junkie and he loved to be dared into crazy stunts. The good thing is that Dad was really brave and he did go skydiving. The bad thing is that he forgot to check the backpack before he jumped and only realized that the parachute wasn't properly working after he'd pulled the string. So, Dad died, leaving me and mom alone in the world. Mom didn't think it was a good idea for me to be without a male role model in my life, and even though she wasn't quite sure how good of a role model he would be, he was family, so we decided to join Grampa Beau when he moved to this island.

At first, I was pretty excited about it. Living in Paradise, sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them and wearing my bathingsuit all the time, sounded pretty good. Then, Mom informed me that I'd still have to wear clothes and go to school. I wasn't real thrilled about that, but I knew it would be pointless to argue. Living with Grampa Beau would, in itself be pretty exciting. He's what Dad calls a Skirt-chaser and Mom called him a Lady-killer once. That was kind of scary., but I'm pretty sure that Grampa Beau wouldn't really kill ladies, because from what I could see, he really just liked to kiss on them a whole lot.

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When we got to the island, I could tell that Mom wasn't feeling so well. I started to get scared. Mom never got sick, but she was really sick now. She was throwing up and coughing and holding her stomach. Grampa was really worried, too. I could tell, because he kept trying to get her to go lay down in bed next to him. She didn't though. It was like she couldn't even move. I started begging her to lay down or call the hospital or the doctor, but she just told me that everything would be fine. The next thing you knew, the cold, long arm of the Grim Reaper had reached out to Mom and commanded her to come with him, so she had to go.

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I was really upset and later, I was just plain mad that Mom would leave me alone, here. By this time it was pretty obvious that Grampa's reasons for moving here had nothing to do with me. I know he likes to visit us and all, but I really don't think he thought he'd be raising a little girl and I'm just going to "cramp his style". It's true. I over heard him talking to the mail-carrier about it. She felt sorry for him, that he was stuck with a kid who wasn't even his blood relative. Then, she suggested that he call social services and they'd find a nice home for me with other kids my age to play with. Gramp Beau just thanked her for the information. I hope that doesn't mean he thought it was a good idea. I'd really rather stay here with him. At least, I know him. I just really wish Mom was still here. I miss her alot.

So, now, here we are, Grampa Beau and me, stuck on this island, together. I don't know how things are going to turn out, but I'm real nervous. What if none of the kids like me at my new school? What if I don't like them? What if Grampa dies, too? Who will take care of me if that happens? What if he forgets to pick me up from school or make me dinner? What'll I do then?


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    Aw, it's so sad. I hope everything will turn out fine for this little girlfriend.


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